Intuition Class- Practically Wise

Develop Your Intuition to Live the Life You Love

Intuition is more than a gift. It’s not something you either have or don’t. It’s a skill - and you can learn it.

Have you ever been advised to 'follow your heart' or encouraged to 'trust your gut' but felt like you didn’t have the gift or didn’t know how?

The truth is that you can learn to listen in to your intuition and develop and fine tune your intuitive ability - and it’s so worth your time to learn this skill.

Intuition is a powerful tool.

Your intuition can tell you when you to be cautious.

It can tell you when

  • to slow down.
  • something isn't quite right.
  • to stick with something and when to quit.
  • to say yes to an opportunity, or a big no.
  • you are on your path and when you are not
  • there is more to explore for your health, relationships and abundance

It can tell you about the health of the systems in which you live, your physicaL body, family, workplace.

It can help you to find your joy and purpose.

I believe intuition is natural and learned; however, sometimes the signals aren't as clear as you would like. You may feel uncertain whether to trust your hunch or act on a feeling. Often it's hard to interpret, and we're afraid of getting it wrong. Your head and your heart might be in a battle, leaving you wondering which one to trust.

I created Practically Wise because I believe that its essential to the well lived life to have clarity about the path to follow, and confidence in the choices you make.

Practically Wise is an in-depth live group course on personal intuition where you will learn:

  • How to listen in to your wise inner teacher for guidance and direction
  • The TWO primary ways intuitive insight arrives And how to receive it
  • How to tap into your inner knowledge in a variety of ways
  • How to manage your energy so that, like a radio station, you're tuning into the frequency that is helpful and useful for you
  • If you are sensitive and have found yourself TOO tuned in to the feelings of others, how to be in charge of what you're plugged into so that you preserve your energy and vitality
  • Ways to reduce distractions and quickly enter into a quieter mind.
  • How to ask the kind of questions that provide more intuitive insight. The kind of questions your intuition can run with.
  • Which guides and spiritual allies are available for guidance and support
  • How your intuition assists you to communicate with loved ones who have gone on ahead, and more.
  • How to trust your intuition to help you make important choices
  • How to gain confidence in how you listen to your wise coulsel\and know what to do

I see intuition as the GPS of the soul, helping us to find our way and navigate important junctions in life with few regrets.

Join me today in Practically Wise- Become your own intuitive. There is a join in full as well as a monthly payment option. We start on May 6th, 2020 for 6 weeks (plus an optional reunion call on June 24th.) We meet on Zoom for an hour to 75 minutes each week. See all Wednesday dates at the end of this page,

Hello from Bev

Introducing Practically Wise-

Your Instructor

Bev Martin
Bev Martin

Bev Martin is a natural and trained intuitive and medium. Born and raised in South Africa and now residing in the Pacific Northwest, Bev is adept at teaching individuals how to tap in to the wisdom within, leading to wise decisions, and successful outcomes.

This class has been the high point for me among the changes that have been happening this year.

Kudos to you Bev for your structured training methods. It has helped me to step into this learning experience easily.Your ease of presentation, grace handling all levels of experience and genuine warmth fostered a wonderful learning environment. Thank you.

"I got a clearer direction, validation really, of where I can go from here."


"You are a blessing- your teaching is profound- light, fun, playful, yet so very meaningful. I am enriched in what I have been given and encouraged that with the seeds of this class i will grow in knowing and understanding the language of my soul. Diane A,

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start and how will we meet?
Practically Wise Intuition Course begins on Wednesday May 6th, 2020 at 3pm each week via Zoom from the convenience of your phone or computer. We meet live AND you have access to the online portal with resource materials that you can avail of at your convenience as the course proceeds. Dates: Every week on Wednesdays at 3pm until June 10th, 2020 May 6 May 13 May 20 May 27 June 03 June 10
What is Zoom?
We meet virtually from the convenience of your phone or computer in a dedicated 'Zoom' room. Mine is a professional, safe to access Zoom account. With your camera and speakers on we are connected together​ in our small group.
Is this course for me?
Do you have flashes of awareness and insight but wish they were more reliable? Do you long for a reliable relationship with your inner wisdom, so that you can consult on important matters without second-guessing or self-doubt? Practically Wise is for you if you would like to learn how to use and trust your intuition in a practical way for your own guidance and insight​. The focus is on tapping into your intuitive wisdom for your own spiritual growth and development.
The meetings are at 3pm on Wednesdays (Pacific time)- If I miss a meeting will there be a recording?
Yes! If, for whatever reason you miss a session the class will be recorded and will be available for you in the resource room within 24 hours.

This course will be available again in October 2020